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Pension Calculator Input
जन्म तिथि /Date of Birth
Please update the DOB दर्ज की गई जन्म तिथि 01-04-1953 या उसके बाद की होनी चाहिए . Date of Birth is required. यह कैलकुलेटर सदस्य पेंशन मामलों के लिए परिणाम देगा जहां पेंशन शुरू होने की तारीख 01-04-2011 को या उसके बाद है. ,
This calculator will give results for Member Pension cases where the Pension Start Date is on or after 01-04-2011.
{{service.doj | date:'dd-MM-yyyy'}} {{service.doe | date:'dd-MM-yyyy'}} {{service.ncp1}} {{service.ncp2}}
पेंशन शुरू होने की तारीख / चुनी गई तारीख
Date of Pension start/Pension option
Please update the DOB The availing date is required. कृपया बाहर निकलने की तारीख/50 साल की उम्र की तारीख (जो भी बाद में हो) और आज के बीच की तारीख चुनें
Please Opt Date between Date of Exit/ Date of attaining 50 years age (whichever is later) and today.
पेंशन योग्य वेतन /Pensionable Salary
This is required. Click on icon above to knwo how to calculate it. The Pensionable Salary should be greater than 0 and Max 15000 for DOE after 01-09-2014 (6500 before 01-09-2014).
  • 58 वर्ष प्राप्त करने की तिथि:
    Date of Attaining 58 Years:{{ basic.date58 | date:'dd/MM/yyyy'}}
  • 50 वर्ष प्राप्त करने की तिथि:
    Date of Attaining 50 Years:{{ basic.date50 | date:'dd/MM/yyyy'}}
  • Min Availing Date:{{ minAD | date:'dd/MM/yyyy'}}
  • Date of Availing at Superannuation:{{ basic.avail58 | date:'dd/MM/yyyy'}}
  • Actual Days:{{ total.daystotal_age58}}
  • Actual Service:{{ total.actual_service}}
  • Pensionable Service (max age 58):{{ total.pensionable_service}}
  • पेंशन योग्य सेवा के दिन:
    Pensionable days:{{ total.pensionable_days}}
  • क्या पेंशन के लिए पात्र:
    Eligibility of Service length:{{ total.eligibility}}
  • Weightage:{{ total.weightage}}
  • 31-08-2014 तक कुल दिन/Days till 31-08-2014:{{ total.daysbefore}}
  • 31-08-2014 के बाद के कुल दिन/Days after 31-08-2014:{{ total.daysafter}}
Pension Calculator Output
  • सेवानिवृत्ति पेंशन
    Superannuation Pension :{{ pension.superannuation }}
  • Minimum Superannuation pension (from 01-09-2014) :Rs. 1000
  • Reduction due to early Pension :{{pension.earlyreduction}}
  • Early Pension(Calculated) :{{pension.early}}
  • Early Pension after applying Minimum :{{pension.earlymin}}
For calculating the deferred pension. The superannuation pension can be multiplied by a factor of 1.04 for each year(max two) pension is deferred. Deferred pension is applicable only when date of option is after 25-04-2016.