eRETURN TOOL - for preparation of Returns by the Employers for fiing with EPFO
e-Return Tool Downloads
  1. Crystal Reports 10_5
  2. DotNet FX35
  3. Windows Installer 3_5
Link for e-Return Tool New Version 6.1
  1. Setup.exe
  2. eReturn Setup.msi
Link for e-Return Tool Old Version 5.0
  1. Setup.exe
  2. eReturn Setup.msi
    NOTE: The version 5.0 does not cover the changes in the Pension Contribution for members joining on or after 01/09/2014 with wages above ₹ 15,000/- and also the existing members already contribution on wages above wage ceiling.
    Still it handles the cases if all the members are below the wages ceiling of ₹ 15,000/-.
Help Files and Instructions
Help Files
  1. User Manual
  2. Default Password for Admin user
  3. Example CSV Files for uploading the data (While creating CSV File take care that no COMMA is being used in the data field)
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Instruction Files
  1. Instructions for Installation
  2. Instructions for using the new versions 6.0
  3. Changes made in version 5.0
  4. Changes made in version 4.0
  1. Consequent upon enhancement of wage ceiling from ₹ 6,500/- to ₹ 15,000/-, the employers are now required to pay PF contributions upto new ceiling with effect from 01/09/2014.
  2. To use the software, kindly go to "System Admin>>Contribution and Other Parameters" and changes the "Statutory Wage Ceiling" from ₹ 6,500/- to ₹ 15,000/- and save. This can be done only from "Admin" user login.
  3. For the month of "September 2014", the Monthly Wage data can be uploaded using the csv file, or data entry.
    NOTE: Kindly do not use the function "Import Previous Month Data" for September, 2014. From September 2014 onwards this function can be used.