The Employees' P F Organisation is planning to launch the following new facilities for its Members and the Employers in the next few months:

1. Online allotment of PF Code number to Establishments:
The facility to get the code number online under the following conditions will be available for:

  • Establishments on which the Act applies
  • Establishments, employers of whom, with the consent of majority of employees want the Act to be applied on the establishment
  • Establishments already having the PF Code Number and wanting to apply for a PF Code number for their Branch at a different location

The employers will be able to start the remittances of the PF and allied dues without delay.
Launched on : 30th JUNE, 2014

2. Universal Account Number (UAN) for members:
The introduction of the UAN will facilitate the members with a slew of member centric facilities such as:

  • Personalized member log-in
  • Down-loadable UAN cards, member passbooks etc.
  • Portability of PF Account number across different employments by linking the old accounts of the member with the UAN

Expected date of launch: OCTOBER 2014

3. More facilities in the Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) Portal:
A refurbished ECR portal is expected very soon. Following new facilities would be available:

  • The tracking of the compliance for the contract employees by the Principal Employers through their login
  • Facility for the International Workers Returns
  • Facility to file the details of Disabled workers
  • Helping the employers in filing of the correct return as per the dues etc.

Expected date of launch: NOVEMBER 2014

4. Pension Process Reengineering:
The process of the pension disbursement and handling will be revamped so as to:

  • Help the pensioners in faster credit
  • Tracking of the pension disbursement

Expected date of launch: DECEMBER 2014

5. Inspection Scheme of Employees' Provident Fund Organisation:
A Scheme of Inspections for EPFO, duly approved by Hon'ble Chairman, CBT, EPFO/ LEM has been formulated. [Click Here]
Formulated on 21st JUNE, 2014

6. Memorandum of Understanding :
A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Government of India, Ministry of Labour and Employment and the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation. [Click Here]
Formulated on 23rd MAY, 2014