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50Assistant P.F. Commissioner (Prob.) and Enforcement/Accounts Officers (Prob.) Examination Revised Calendar 2019
HO. No.Exam.10(9)95/Calendar/21 dated 26/04/2019
49सूचना का अधिकार अधिनियम, 2005 के अंतर्गत सूचना उपलब्ध कराना - श्री प्रज्ञाधर
मु.का. सं.सूचना का अधिकार/11011/73/2019/मा.प्र.-VIII/483 dated 26/04/2019
48सूचना का अधिकार अधिनियम, 2005 के अंतर्गत सूचना उपलब्ध कराना - श्री रवि कुमार
मु.का. सं.सूचना का अधिकार/11011/53/2019/ मा.सं.प्र..-VIII/480 dated 26/04/2019
47सूचना का अधिकार अधिनियम, 2005 के अंतर्गत सूचना उपलब्ध कराना - श्री अजीत सिन्हा
मु.का. सं.सूचना का अधिकार/11011/55/2019/मा.सं.प्र.-VIII/445 dated 26/04/2019
46Electronic submission of APAR for the year 2018-19 through SPARROW software
HO No. APAR-12/2015-16/SPARROW/1168 dated 25/04/2019
45Training Programme on Planning for Life after Retirement scheduled to be held on 29th April - 1st May, 2019 - Cancellation
HO No.13/01/2019-2020/PDNASS/127 dated 25/04/2019
44Information in respect of EPF Pensioner
HRM-8/V/12(3)07/Pensioners Association/Vol.II/694 dated 25/04/2019
43Supply of information under Right to Information Act, 2005 - Shri Rajan Mathai
HO No. HRM-III/29(62)16/RTI/362 dated 18/04/2019
42Providing the details of lease for draft separate audit report of the C&AG on the Accounts of EPFO for the year ending 31.03.2018
HO No. PFD/3/1/2002/Audit Para/Pt./2017/660 dated 24/04/2019
41e-Procurement and e-Auction using e-Wizard system of ITI Ltd.
HO No. PDU/1(1)2019/1140 dated 24/04/2019
40Mandatory e-Procurement and e-Auction using Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) hosted by NIC
HO No. PDU/1(1)2019/1138 dated 24/04/2019
39Training Programme on "Human Resource Management & Development" scheduled to be held on 22nd - 26th April,2019- Cancellation
PDNASS No.13/03/2019-2020/PDNASS/110 dated 18/04/2019
38Final Seniority List of Regional P.F.Commissioners, Gr. I in Level 12 of Pay Matrix (Pre-revised Pay Band 3 Rs. 15600-39100/- Grade Pay Rs.7600/-) as on 01.10.2018
HO.No HRM-I/RPFC-I Seniority/2016/1056 dated 18/04/2019
37Installation of Solar PV Panel at Roof Top at the offices of EPFO
HO.No CS-3(14)/8/2014/Renewal Energy/Vol.III/1055 dated 18/04/2019
36Establishment of Voter Awareness Forum (VAF) in the Ministry of Labour and Employment
HO No. HRD/5/2019/VFA/13 dated 16/04/2019
35Application of Sh. Jaywant Pagare for seeking Information under RTI Act, 2005
HO No. R-I/RTI/2008/Vo.VIII/157 dated 16/04/2019
34Office Order regarding change of nomenclature of the posts of Assistant (Headquarter), Upper Division Clerk (Employees' Provident Fund, Head Office) and Lower Division Clerk (Head Office) of EPFO
HO No. HRD/1(1)2011/Cadre Restructuring/Vol.III/11 dated 12/04/2019
33Maintenance and repairs of EPFO properties
HO No. PFD/CS-3(5)circular/2019/1031 dated 15/04/2019
32Proposals for purchase of ready built office accommodation or land for construction of office buildings and staff quarters on free-hold/lease-hold basis
HO No. PFD/CS-3(5)circular/2019/1030 dated 15/04/2019
31Amendment in the National Pension System
HO No. HRD/58/2017/NSDL/12 dated 15/12/2019
30Suggestions to resolve the issues reported during Video Conferencing session with Central PF Commissioner and other modal agencies
NDC No. IS-7(13)2004/VC/VOL-I/327 dated 12/04/2019
29राजभाषा सम्बन्धी रिपोर्ट/रिर्टन आदि भेजने सम्बन्धी समय-सारणी/कैलेंडर : वर्ष 2018-2019 की वार्षिक मूल्यांकन रिपोर्ट भेजने के सम्बन्ध में
मु.का. सं. हि.अ./व.मू.रि./2016-17/मुख्यालय/378 dated 12/04/2019
28General Guidelines and instructions to be followed in the matter of attending Training Programme at PDNASS
HO No. HRM-I/A-11(1)2018/1017 dated 12/04/2019
27Reconstitution of Sub Committee of EPF, Central Staff Welfare Committee for exploring the welfare issues in effective and more beneficial manner
HO No. Welfare/3(125)/2018-19/27th Meeting/952 dated 11/04/2019
26Minutes of 27th Meeting of EPF, Central Staff Welfare Committee held on 25/03/2019
HO No. Welfare/3(125)/2018-19/27th Meeting/951 dated 11/04/2019
25Assessment of vacancies in the cadre of Lower Division Clerk(LDC) under Examination Quota
HO No. HRM-IV/VII/59(10)2013/HO/957 dated 11/04/2019
24Applicability of reservation in EPFO for the post of Social Security Assistant (SSA) regarding assessment of vacancies in the cadre of SSA for direct recruitment.
HO No. HRM-IV/4(1)2019/SSA/DR/304 dated 11/04/2019
23Self-nomination by Officers and staff for discussion on next phase of Computerisation project
NDC No. R-I/Computerisation Project/Phase-III/2019/3637 dated 11/04/2019
22Assessment of the vacancy for conducting of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the post of Section Supervisor cadre in EPFO under Examination Quota – Vacancy position as on 31.12.2018 and anticipated vacancy upto 31.12.2019
HO HRM No. HRM-IV/5(2)2017/SS/Seniority/Vacancy/Pt./956 dated 11/04/2019
21Office Order regarding work allocation of Addl. Central PF Commissioners
HO No. ASD-I/3(2)2017/318 dated 10/04/2019
20Office Order regarding work allocation of Addl. Central PF Commissioners (HQ)
HO No. ASD-I/3(3)2013/317 dated 10/04/2019
19Monitoring of the implementation reservation policy of ESM in Central Government Ministries/Department, Bank, PSUs and CPMFs – designation of the DGR as the Nodal Agency.
HO No. HRM-V/IV//III/5(1)2009/Ex-SM/850 dated 08/04/2019
18Supply of Information under Right to Information Act, 2005
HO No. PID/April/146/2019/258 dated 08/04/2019
17Linking of UAN Number with Aadhaar
HO No. Pension-I/SORM/2018/838 dated 08/04/2019
16कर्मचारी भविष्य निधि एवं विविध उपबंध अधिनियम, 1952 के अंतर्गत अछूट प्राप्त स्थापनाओं के नियोक्ता/क.भ.नि. सदस्यों के लिए कर्मचारी भविष्य निधि एवं विविध उपबंध अधिनियम एवं उनके अंतर्गत आने वाली योजनाओं के प्रावधानों पर दो दिवसीय विशेष कार्यशाला का आयोजन
आ.प्र.सं. उ.क्षे. सं. आ. प्र. सं. /विशेष कार्यशाला/2019-20/32 dated 04/04/2019
15Rental Office building of EPFO
HO No. PFD/CS-3(5)circular/2019/639 dated 05/04/2019
14Strengthening & streamlining ‘Nidhi Aapke Nikat’ platform of EPFO
HO No. PublicityI(05)2006/Nidhi Aapke Nikat/290 dated 05/04/2019
13Training Programme on Public Procurement – Nomination(s)
PDNASS No. 13/04/2019-20/PDNASS/41 dated 04/04/2019
12Supply of Information under RTI Act, 2005
HO No. HRD/RTI/08/2017/171 dated 04/04/2019
1117वें अखिल भारतीय राजभाषा सम्मेलन के आयोजन के सम्बन्ध में
मु.का. हि.अ./रा.भा. सम्मेलन-17/2018-19/141 dated 03/04/2019
10Forwarding of the Minutes of interactive VC session held on 21st January, 2019 (3 to 4P.M.) under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary, Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances
HO No. CSD/Video Conferencing/Hon’ble PM/2018/206 dated 04/04/2019
9Monitoring of the implementation reservation policy of ESM in Central Government Ministries/Department, Bank, PSUs and CPFMs – designation of DGR as the Nodal Agency
HO No. HRM-V/IV/III/5(1)2009/Ex-SM/205 dated 03/04/2019
8वार्षिक कार्यक्रम 2019-20 का अनुपालन
मु.का. सं. हि.अ. 8(2)2015-16/वा.का./140 dated 03/04/2019
7Availability of correct mobile number of pensioners in EPFO data base
HO No. Pension-I/SORM/2018/47 dated 03/04/2019
6Provision of Air-conditioning system in EPFO offices
HO No. CS-3(6)/2009/AC work/Vol-IX/Pt./49 dated 02/04/2019
5शुद्धि पत्र
मु.का. सं. मा.स.प्र.-I/ए-10(45)2006/भाग.I/19 dated 02/04/2019
4Supply of information under RTI Act, 2005
HO No. RTI-11011/57/2019-HRD/28 dated 01/04/2019
3Engaging Data Entry Operators (DEOs) on outsource basis by ACC(Zones)
HO No. HRM-III/V/3(1)2016/DEO Contractual/Pt.I/41 dated 01/04/2019
2Directions of Division Bench of Hon’ble Patna High Court in CWJ 17332 of 2017 (Shambhu Sharan Singh Vs. State of Bihar and Ors)
HO No. C-I 3(28)2016/7A&14B/300 dated 01/04/2019
131 दिसंबर, 2018 को समाप्त तिमाही के लिए राजभाषा सम्बन्धी तिमाही प्रगति रिपोर्ट की समीक्षा के सम्बन्ध में
मु.का. सं हि.अ./ ति.प्र.रि./संगठन/2018/01 dated 01/04/2019